VCARE proves Langford can address inhumane treatment of animals at Luxton Rodeo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 17 2014       


VCARE provides concerning legal opinion to Langford on rodeo cruelty

The City of Langford (Langford) has taken the position, purportedly based on legal advice, that there was nothing they could do about the inhumane treatment of animals at the Luxton Pro Rodeo (Luxton Rodeo). Langford has stated that if zoning was changed the former use is still permitted under the Local Government Act. Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events (VCARE) has investigated this claim and found very contradictory information.

In May 2014, Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events (VCARE) presented concerns regarding animal welfare at Luxton Rodeo to Langford. Subsequently VCARE received a response with the position that there was nothing Langford could do about the situation. VCARE has obtained a copy of Langford’s legal opinion under a Freedom of Information request as well as sought another more comprehensive legal opinion. All of which are enclosed.

It is evident there are legislative means available to Langford to address the inhumane treatment of animals at the annual Luxton Rodeo and there is compelling evidence that the rodeo is not even a current permitted use under the zoning now in place. This raises doubts about Langford’s position combined with liability concerns for the owner of the land and organizer of the rodeo, Metchosin Farmers Institute, as well as Langford and it’s taxpayers.


“It is extremely clear now that Langford has the power, under the provincial legislation governing municipalities, to address the ongoing inhumane treatment of animals at the Luxton Rodeo and any further lack of action is intentional support for these events and a disregard for the opinions of animal welfare organizations and growing concerns from the community at large.” says Melissa de Meulles an Organizer with VCARE , “The question is not are some events inhumane, but the question remains what is Langford going to do about it? The BC SPCA, Vancouver Humane Society and VCARE have attempted for over two years to work with the city and rodeo to address animal welfare and resulting citizen concerns and VCARE continues to extend the offer to work together on this issue.”



Langford to VCARE May 2014

FOI Langford Legal Opinion 2014

VCARE to Langford July 2014

2014-07-15_W&Co to VCARE_Re_Response to Langford Council

May 17th Demonstration – Chek News

Chek News coverage of our May 17th demonstration.,AAAA4mHNTzE~,ejlzBnGUUKY1gXVPwEwEepl35Y795rND&bclid=975107450001&bctid=3573498898001

Hey rodeo organizers, if there is nothing wrong with what you do why couldn’t the news crew film the events??

Cowboy Injured at Luxton Rodeo

Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events was saddened to hear that Coleman Kohorst was seriously injured at yesterday’s Steer Wrestling event at Luxton Pro Rodeo. We hope he will be ok and recover quickly.

This further confirms that these events are dangerous for both people and animals and that humans should not be wrestling steers for ‘fun’.

The news article in the Times Colonist can be seen here:


Pamela Anderson tweets opposition to Luxton Rodeo

Through a network of animal rights groups, VCARE and VHA were able to reach out to and Pamela Anderson agreed to tweet:

@PamelaDAnderson Vancouver Islanders, please don’t support the Luxton Rodeo! Help @VanHumane and @VCARE2013 end rodeo cruelty on the Island

We were very excited and so were the media. See the story run by CTV: