Many people ask, what can I do to help end these cruel events? The answer is there are many things you can do.

Contact the Following Groups that have the ability to make or encourage change and let them know you DO NOT support the Luxton Pro Rodeo and ask for their help!

The City of Langford –

Luxton Fairgrounds –

Luxton Pro Rodeo –


Stay Connected with VCARE via this website and Social Media – Perhaps join us to demonstrate on the May long weekend!

Sign our petition –



All photos on this page were taken at the Luxton Pro Rodeo in 2013 by Matthew Wolfe.


  1. This is barbaric and has no place in a civilized society. Surprised this is still allowed to happen.

  2. My blood runs cold every time I see these pictures of roping calves. What are these participants and attendants of the fair thinking? Try some frigging compassion.

  3. Mayor Stewart Young and Langford City Council should be ashamed of their stance on continuing with this barbaric and cruel Rodeo. This Mayor and his council can do something to stop this, Rodeos have been banned in many jurisdictions, Mayor Young just does not want to do anything to stop it. But we can do something about it by letting the City of Langford know that this is not acceptable entertainment

    Please watch this video and tell Mayor Stewart Young and his Council to do something to end these events at the Luxton Rodeo.–a-legalized-abuse-of-animals-for-cowards.html

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