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VCARE has contacted the candidates and compiled their responses below. Please note VCARE is endorsing the following candidates for council:

Grant McLachlan

Mark McInnes

Dustin Finerty




Grant McLachlan I support VCARE in their struggle, and as a councillor I will happily meet with you and fight to end the Luxton Rodeo. 
Mark McInnes It’s a matter of tradition vs good sense, and while it’s a delicate issue for many people because of their ties to tradition, I err on the side of good sense. Stop the inhumane treatment of young animals. If we wouldn’t do it to dogs, we shouldn’t to calves. 
Dustin Finerty I want you to know that I believe whole heartedly that the role of government is to be the voice of the people and to act on their concerns.  If elected, i will make it a priority to voice your concerns, and look into this issue.


Tim Power I am in favour of the Luxton Pro Rodeo, but I am not in favor of cruelty to animals of any type, there must be a way to hold the Rodeo with non-cruelty to animals and still make it attractive to visitors to enjoy within our beauty Community. When elected give me 60 -90 days to get in and settled and then come and see me and we will work together to resolve this issue. 
Denise Blackwell * I believe animal cruelty is repugnant and I don’t attend the rodeo events myself. However, the SPCA has been tasked by the provincial gov. to monitor the issue of rodeos and animal cruelty throughout the province. When the SPCA deems such events as animal cruelty, I will support the appropriate changes to the provincial standard. 
Lillian Szpak * I abhor cruelty of any kind. The Province has tasked the SPCA to monitor this issue throughout BC. When the SPCA deems these events as cruelty, then we will be able to support the changes. 
Roger Wade * I am not an expert on animal cruelty. The prov govt has tasked the SPCA to monitor this issue throughout the province. When the SPCA deems these events as cruelty then I will support the provincial standard.


Stew Young * No Response
David Shebib Based on Mr. Shebib’s answers to our survey he disagrees with using animals for entertainment, specifically rodeo events. He agrees with using municipal powers under the Community Charter to regulate these events and if elected in 2014 he will work to end inhumane treatment at rodeo events in Langford. 


These council candidates did not respond to multiple request for a position:
Pauline Adams Lanny Seaton *
Jim Munro Winnie Sifert *
Matt Sahlstrom *


There was no email address available for these candidates:
Paul Barber and Andre Mollon


* Incumbents


The Devil’s Playground – The Raging Kucing

The Raging Kucing has published a Blog Post and video about the 2014 Luxton Pro Rodeo, protests and their attempts to video the events. Please visit their site and check it out:

BC Green Party Opposes Rodeo Cruelty

VCARE is very pleased to annouce that the BC Green Party held it’s AGM on May 31st 2014 and voted on a resolution to protect rodeo animals. With an 80% ‘yes’ it passed! The wording of the resolution is:

WHEREAS many rodeo events (for example, but not limited to: calfroping, steerwrestling, wildhorseracing, wildcowmilking, teamroping, bullriding, barebackriding, saddlebroncriding, and broncbusting) use fear, stress, and pain to encourage animals to perform;

AND WHEREAS these events put animals at undue risk of injury:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that inhumane rodeo events that use fear, stress,
and pain to encourage animals to perform should be prohibited in British

Thank you BC Greens for standing up for animals in entertianment!

Media Coverage:

May 20th – Presentation to Langford City Council

On May 20th 2014, VCARE was provided time on the Langford City Council agenda to present regarding the animal welfare concerns at the Luxton Pro Rodeo held annually within their municipality. Our good friend Jordan with The Raging Kucing documented the presentation. It can be seen here:



Cowboy Injured at Luxton Rodeo

Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events was saddened to hear that Coleman Kohorst was seriously injured at yesterday’s Steer Wrestling event at Luxton Pro Rodeo. We hope he will be ok and recover quickly.

This further confirms that these events are dangerous for both people and animals and that humans should not be wrestling steers for ‘fun’.

The news article in the Times Colonist can be seen here:


May Long Weekend – Choose Kinder Entertainment

May is here, the weather is warming up and all sorts of wonderful spring events are occurring to entertain Greater Victoria citizens. Unfortunately there is still one event, while described as entertainment, consisting of inhumane treatment of animals. The Luxton Pro Rodeo is scheduled for the May long weekend in Langford. Since 2012 Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events, the Vancouver Humane Society and the BC SPCA have all requested that changes be made at the annual Luxton Pro Rodeo by either the rodeo organizers or the City of Langford. To date these requests have largely been ignored.

Animals are caused significant fear and anxiety during rodeo events and the risk of life ending injuries is substantial, as demonstrated at rodeos across North America every year. The only reason these events are allowed to continue is that the animals used are classified as ‘livestock’ and therefore exempt from provincial animal cruelty laws. This effectively restricts the BC SPCA from acting and leaves the responsibility to enact a by-law eliminating the events squarely with the Mayor and Council of Langford. Many jurisdictions, including the City of Victoria and City of Vancouver, have used municipal bylaws to end inhumane animal entertainment such as rodeo or circus events.

Until changes are made to address the real concerns of animal welfare at the rodeo, We urge you to please find a kinder and less archaic event to enjoy with your family on May long weekend.

Luxton Rodeo Protest at Langford City Hall – May 5th

Tomorrow evening at 630pm we will be gathering outside the City of Langford municipal hall located at 877 Goldstream Ave. The last council meeting before the annual Luxton Pro Rodeo is at 7pm. We have previously requested the opportunity to present as a delegation to Langford council. That request was delayed and delayed and eventually they just stopped answering our emails.

In order to let the City of Langford Mayor and Council know we are serious, we are here to stay and we will work until animal welfare is a serious consideration and will be addressed by the local politicians. They have the power to end the inhumane events taking place each year within their borders, yet choose to do nothing.

The rodeo organizers and the city officials refuse to come to the table and discuss what can be done to address the concerns of citizens.

If you can join us, we would love your support. You can join our group on Facebook here:!/events/448329028631470/

Or contact us at with any questions.