May Long Weekend – Choose Kinder Entertainment

May is here, the weather is warming up and all sorts of wonderful spring events are occurring to entertain Greater Victoria citizens. Unfortunately there is still one event, while described as entertainment, consisting of inhumane treatment of animals. The Luxton Pro Rodeo is scheduled for the May long weekend in Langford. Since 2012 Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events, the Vancouver Humane Society and the BC SPCA have all requested that changes be made at the annual Luxton Pro Rodeo by either the rodeo organizers or the City of Langford. To date these requests have largely been ignored.

Animals are caused significant fear and anxiety during rodeo events and the risk of life ending injuries is substantial, as demonstrated at rodeos across North America every year. The only reason these events are allowed to continue is that the animals used are classified as ‘livestock’ and therefore exempt from provincial animal cruelty laws. This effectively restricts the BC SPCA from acting and leaves the responsibility to enact a by-law eliminating the events squarely with the Mayor and Council of Langford. Many jurisdictions, including the City of Victoria and City of Vancouver, have used municipal bylaws to end inhumane animal entertainment such as rodeo or circus events.

Until changes are made to address the real concerns of animal welfare at the rodeo, We urge you to please find a kinder and less archaic event to enjoy with your family on May long weekend.


  1. The fact these types of events happen in this day and age is deplorable, horses are intelligent and proud animals, baby calves, well they are babies and both these animals (classified as livestock, a ticket to abuse and torture animals in the name of fun, sick is what it is). Would you allow your pet to be abused like this, they drag these baby calves around, quite often, causing spinal injuries and if they survive the ordeal they are left terrified, bruised and quite often with broken bones. How can we be proud of supporting this treatment of animals by grown men and women. Often rodeos use electric shock, beatings, depriving of food and water, and even caustic liquids on the skin of horses to make the broncho bucking event more lively and exciting. The fact these events are allowed to continue do not say much for the City of Langford or its Mayor. The city of Victoria, The city of Vancouver and North Vancouver have banned these barbaric events but the City of Langford won’t even give a call back to the BC SPCA, these are live animals with feelings and to torture them for enjoyment is beyond cruel. Please sign petitions so this rodeo or the events that cause pain and suffering to animals are banned.

  2. I am new to Victoria, and I want to thank you for letting me know that there is a rodeo in Langford. Without that full page ad in the Times Colonist, I would have missed the rodeo this weekend!

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