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  1. I cannot be there in person but I support you. Rodeos are cruel and unnecessary and cause trauma and pain to these poor creatures. Time to stop this type of so-called entertainment. Call it what it is CRUEL..

  2. Hi Melissa, I find it interesting that the Rotary supports the “Metchosin Framers Institute for the Luxton Fairgrounds” It’s like the Shriners supporting the circuses! I would raise the profile of Rotarians supporting animals cruelty in the rodeos! The bad PR was very effective in getting the Shriners to back off! . Originally I was looking for a contact for the Luxton Fairgrounds, but those back-woods folks are not on the web! but on the google page it has an article about what Rotary supports and the Metchosin Farmers Institute operates the fairgrounds.

  3. Luxton Rodeo – Animal Cruelty.
    >> Dear Mayor and Councillors,
    >> I was wondering what sort of folks are on Langford City Council
    >> that still support rodeos in their community which are inherently
    >> cruel and abusive to animals – and bingo, my question was
    >> answered! In my opinion, it’s an old boys club with some possible
    >> inbreeding!
    >> I urge Langford to progress as a community that treats animals with
    >> respect and kindness.

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